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Road Trip for good #EmptyEsky

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Over Christmas we all felt so helpless watching the devastation the bushfires were causing across the country, and it was amazing to see how much everyone was donating. One thing that caught my eye was the @emptyesky campaign and the @roadtripforgood and @spendwithus Insta accounts that were instantly created, no idea how people come up with these ideas so quickly, but loved seeing them all popping up on my feed. What an amazing idea. A way we could all continue to give back, and bringing awareness to how people can help once they had donated as much money as they could.

So over the Australia Day weekend, Mark, Carla and I planned a road trip across to East Gippsland to do exactly that... spend money in the region, see where we could help, and stock up our #EmptyEsky with beautiful fresh produce that we usually would buy from woolies or coles back in Melbourne.

I'm lucky to be an ambassador for @lexusofBerwick and as soon as they heard we were planning this trip, they jumped onboard, swapped my small two-door #RC350 for a massive #LX450 (See below) and instructed me to fill up a few esky's for them and spend their money in the area. Love partnering with brands that are so community focused and support me and the random ideas I come up with.

We had the best time and here is a road map for you of where we went thanks to the @roadtripforgood website, they have plenty of great options, and you can even create your own on their site so others can jump onboard the great places you explored.

Check out our itenary below:


Here's some photos of our trip.

Make sure you check out the regions that need us the most. It wont be our last time we head off on a road trip for the weekend. Let me know if you go and where you go!

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