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Mentoring & Leadership

Bianca has been promising you all that she would create online mentoring sessions for probably a year now, and finally, it's here!

She has worked with individuals, teams within organisations, and of course sporting teams face-to-face for over 10 years, and quietly has been doing some online coaching and mentoring throughout her networks. 


Now the time is right to offer these sessions to you all, especially, as we navigate the tricky situations 2020 has thrown our way. 

What's on offer?




What does each session look like?



  • Introductory session to see if this is for you, and then if it is and you're ready to take that next step, we can get started on the rest...

  • Online mentoring session/s with Bianca herself (not a stand-in, we promise)

  • A confidential conversation to break down where you're at and ultimately where you would like to be

  • Developing / Clarifying your personal values and Why you are ready now.

  • Support and guidance in taking the next step in whatever it is that will put you on your pathway to success. 

  • Briefing session to discuss expectations and considered outcomes​

  • Online group discussion identifying current values and behaviours

  • Identifying and developing the current team culture

  • Understanding and prioritising the go-to's and specific roles for all team members

  • Accountability habits and routines for all team members

  • Initiatives for team-led and individual feedback sessions 

  • A new look, fresh approach developed by the team for ongoing success 

Find out more

Find out more

The Ignition Project

  • 50 min
    Prices Vary
  • Leadership sessions for your team

    2 hr
    Prices vary
Ignition Project.png

The Ignition Project is an online development program focusing on leadership, personal development and mentoring but to put it simply, its just about you getting the best out of yourself. Originally created alongside Leigh Russell in 2015, it has sat in the online space at

The program evolved into a labour of love, our books - GAME ON and then republished for a younger audience - EVERY GIRL NEEDS A PLAN!

The next instalment involved a collaboration with Rebel Sport in creating an online mentoring resource for young elite female athletes, and 2019 will also saw an invigorated online program for women. All of the original programs are still currently available. 

Watch this space! Can't wait to show you whats next!

If you have any questions about the online programs, leadership workshops or key note speaking opportunities, please contact us at and we will come back to you asap!

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