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House of Wellness

One of my fav things I get to call work, is filming some stories and sitting on the couch on House of Wellness (Ch.7 Sunday, 12pm). One of the stories I filmed with the team last year was with the founder of X-tend Barre, Andrea Rogers. She is a powerful pocket rocket, and not just during her sessions. She has the most positive and empowering energy about her and I learnt so much about the new trend X-tend Barre and got to join in for a session with two of St.kilda FC boys, Jack Steele and Jack Newnes.

Not the easiest form of exercise when we are used to playing sports like Netball and Football, Our trianing/s always involved the major muscle groups and making sure we were strong enough and powerful enough to move around the court quickly without getting injured.

But the one thing I loved about this session, was how the smallest, finest movement, can activate muscles you didn't even know existed.

It's not about lifting heavy weights, if anything its about controlling the motion and stripping the movement right back, then adding some great tunes and away you go....

A whol;e lot of fun, a hard workout and a good challenge for something different that is much kinder on your joints than things like F45 and Body Fit. Highly recommend giving it a go.

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