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I'm working with a company called Halogen Australia who are running National Young Leaders Day, you may have seen #NYLD splashed across my socials. If you think TED talks, it's similar, but for a younger audience. Every speaker gets 20 mins to present on stage around what Leadership means to them. The best part - every speaker has such a different take on leadership and we all come from totally different worlds. Here are some of the names that I have come across backstage at these events. - Rove McManus - Erin Molan - Lachie Smart - Sean Purcell - John Coutis For me, my focus is what sport has taught me about myself, how I cope when I'm put under pressure, how I've learnt what I need to do when I'm challenged or feeling down and out, and how the reality is, life is a rollercoaster, our days are a rollercoaster, our emotions, feelings, thoughts are constantly going up and down... So when we sort of have an expectation that's how life might go, it makes it easier to work out what's next, rather than spending too much time thinking poor me, why does this always happen to me and not someone else. It's by no means easy, but I've found the more aware I am in these situations, the more I can think clearer and work out that more often than not, I'm focusing on that negative voice in my head, but if I work out how to listen to that positive one, the quicker I can respond and get myself back on track.

One of the highlights was speaking at the recent Sydney event, their were over 4,000 young people in the audience, it was epic. See the video below!

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