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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

In the aftermath of the show did life return to normal? After The Block, it took about six weeks to mentally and physically recover. Life didn’t really go back to normal as such - once people know you from the show, it’s a never-ending conversation, (which I love talking about anyway)! Lots of opportunities have come out of being on the show...and I haven’t lost the renovating bug, either!


Did you return to your old job? I’ve continued to work in the Media and Leadership space. Being an athlete (Bianca is an ex-professional netballer) taught me so much - but so did my Block experience. I regularly run leadership workshops about getting the best out of yourself and working within a team. The Block experience added another layer of challenges that I’ve experienced, and it taught me how to find a solution to any problem that comes up. Also, some exciting media opportunities have come off the back of The Block - hosting Women’s Footy Show on Channel Nine and working in the Nine Netball Commentary Team has been great.

📷 The ever professional Bianca now busy with media gigs and commentary opportunities since appearing on The Block in 2018.

How did you spend your winnings? I haven’t yet! Other than spending a little on a holiday to Hawaii post-filming (with fellow contestant Carla). The rest is saved up for my next house purchase! Can’t wait.

Have you done any more renovating since the show?  I’m just about to facelift my apartment in preparation to sell and hopefully buy my next reno project. I’m simply upgrading the benchtops, changing cabinetry in the bathroom, re-carpeting and painting – I’m still contemplating if I paint, or pay someone. Crazy, I know!

📷 The glamorous side! Bianca looking stunning on the Logies gold carpet and with Beau MAFS star Mark Scrivens (picture: Instagram @thisismarkscrivens)

How has being on The Block changed your life? It honestly has always been a goal of mine to be on the show. I have been a fan every year and constantly told everyone I wanted to do the show. It took a few years to get on - but I wanted it so much. It changed my life because it was a goal that I dreamt about and actually ticked off! It was never about the money, more about taking a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; combining my love of renovating with my hard-working/determined ‘athlete mentality’. 

Are you still friends with anyone from the show? We’re still friends with all of the contestants! It was so fun to catch up with everyone at The Logies, and we regularly see each other when the other teams come to Melbourne. But our closest friends from The Block are definitely our trades that we used - being in Melbourne, we see them all regularly.

📷 "Our closest friends from The Block are definitely our trades that we used - being in Melbourne, we see them all regularly," Bianca tells Insider Style.

What did you love most about being on The Block? I loved the connections you make - whether that be with each other, other contestants, or our trades, suppliers etc. After spending so long in the sporting world, it was nice to meet a whole range of people in an entirely different industry. I also really value the experience - it taught me a lot about myself and how hard I could work, and mentally how I handle things when pushed to the limit. Also, the freedom of not having control of any situation - you don’t often have that as an adult. But whilst filming a show like The Block, you just have to relinquish control.

What was the worst part of your experience on The Block? Definitely the lack of sleep and brutal working conditions!

Are you watching this season?  Yes, I’m watching. I’m so, so, so, SO glad we were chosen for The Gatwick and not The Oslo! I actually have no idea how they did it - we were broken at the end, with nothing left after the Challenge Apartment. This season it’s great to see each house is so different to the next - they’re all using really different styles, and I secretly wish we had been more creative with our floor plan. Seeing the contestants this year take risks and change the floor plan so dramatically is great to see!


Who do you think will win The Block 2019? Deb and Andy – I love their style and their house just has a beautiful feeling about it.

Would you do it again? YES! I know it sounds crazy, and I’m sure the second time round the challenges thrown at us would be so different, but yes I would!

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